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(A short story of 2280 words)

A Middle Class Zombie


by Alistair Canlin

What if zombies weren't all mindless brain sucking monsters? What if zombies had thoughts? Even memories? What if zombies were much the same as you?

I wish I could remember.

In fact I wish I could do lots of things, but it’s the memories I miss the most. I mean, I think I had a family, before everything happened. I have vague recollections of something, but I’m not sure anymore if they’re my memories, or something I’ve made up.

I can’t even tell you my name, or where I live, or whether I’m alive.

You see, I’m what most people would call a zombie. Technically I’m undead.

I’m not rotting, I’m not dying, but I’m not really living.

See I’m new to all this.

Maybe I’ve got all that to look forward to, or not as the case maybe.

I wish I could tell you about myself, but like a said before it’s the memory. Nothing past about twenty minutes ago, just the occasional flash, like a broken video, but I don’t even know if they are real.

I’ll tell you very quickly about what happened, before I forget.

There was a virus, a bug. Spread like wildfire. Almost all of us got it. And that, to be honest, is all I know. There are many of us, most in a worse state than me, but all of us need one thing to survive. Human flesh...

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