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(A short story of 4681 words)

Alphabet Wednesdays


by Sarah Salway

A story of role models, betrayal and journals - from A to Z


Miss Atkinson has set us this alphabet to do in the special sessions I have to go to at school. She says girls like us need role models so we have people in our lives to look up to. When we have worked on our lists she will read them but only if we agree. Miss Atkinson is one of my role models, eg I look up to the way she cares about the three of us who are in her special Wednesday group even though the rest of the school say we are losers. Also I admire how she wears bright colours which draw attention to her even though she is very tall and her hair is very short.


Buffy is another of my role models. I like the fact that even when she is hunting vampires, her hair still looks pretty, eg once she had to crawl through an underground pipe and the only way you knew where she’d been because she dabbed at her cheek with a perfectly white handkerchief. But I wouldn’t like to be Buffy because her mother, who may not really be her mother, died and she has never known her father. My father is dead but not my mother, although she often says she’d like to be, what with such a bloody-minded daughter to bring up on her own.


Celine Dion is a singer with nice hair. She sang a song in a film about a hero and heroine who kept holding hands when the ship they were on sank, even though one of them was dead. This must have been very sad for Celine Dion because her own husband was dying but what happened in real life was that she sang to him and he is still alive. I do not recall if Mum sang to Dad, but she sings to me. I do not sing to Mum because I do not speak. Mum says that I just don’t want to and she is tired of taking me to experts. What some people do not look up to in Celine Dion is that she closes her eyes when she sings, but I think this is because she can hear the words inside better. Like me...

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