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(A short story of 2033 words)

B Movie

Crime and Thrillers Literary

by Brindley Hallam Dennis

Some people you just shouldn't push.

It was the Head Gardener’s fault. There was an aggressive man. He was always going on about something. He was always going on about keeping your tools clean, and no use you sniggering either. He would just lower his head and hold a thirty second silence and then say, very quietly, and without a trace of irony or humour. I don’t know what you mean by that. Then he’d start up again.

The tools with wooden handles were all polished with feed grade linseed oil. We used an old leather glove that was so impregnated with the stuff that often you didn’t have to add any fresh. You just rubbed it up and down the shaft like you were giving a long slim cock a long slow wank. It was quite therapeutic.

It needed to be, working with that man...

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A review of B Movie from the CUT team....

Not everyone gets to be a brain surgeon or an astronaut. For many, working life can be a hard and disappointing road. Brindley Hallam Dennis’ compelling story deals with exactly that kind of daily grind, and how it so often goes hand in hand with more imaginative paths of internal escape. B Movie sees petty bosses making the most of their limited powers, jaded workers trying to get through the day, and everyday frustrations of the downtrodden that just might spill over into something much uglier. A thought provoking tale that shines a light on some of the darker impulses most of us try to keep to ourselves. Highly recommended.

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