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(A short story of 1018 words)

Cat Alley Blues

Crime and Thrillers

by Brindley Hallam Dennis

Into the labyrinth, two strangers go...

The brighter the sunlight, the deeper the shade.

The roads diverge beyond the bridge. The wedge of land between is crowded with dog-leg lanes and alleyways. Tall and narrow buildings jostle for air space above and obstruct the thoroughfares below. No straight line crosses from one side to the other. All paths are forced to twist and turn; down side-alleys, beneath brick arches and along dark tunnels, following ways that subtly, secretly conspire to turn the traveller back, or lead to dead ends. In that labyrinth of doubt and uncertainty you surrender all sense of forward motion, exist in a nightmare where the world moves around you, but you are fixed in unspecified space...

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