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(A long short story of 47742 words)

Home to Roost and Other Stories


by JD Mac Namara

A collection of almost true stories concerning the doings, nefarious and otherwise, of the unique people of Erris, where the next parish west is America and where nothing is quite as one might expect.

Erris is a land on the edge of northern Europe and one of its least inhabited regions.

It is regarded as a mysterious land alive with legends; legends which have been preserved and embellished through the centuries by its uniquely independent people.

In his book ‘A tour in Ireland 1775’ Richard Twiss wrote’ I did not visit Erris since it is inhabited by some form of savage native and there are no roads.’ The people are far from savage and these days Erris has a few roads.

Erris has vast stretches of unspoilt bog land, golden beaches and coves, secluded bays, crystal clear streams and lakes magical landscapes and spectacular cliffs.

Gaelic dialect is spoken by some as their first language but when strangers are around the craic is in an English which can be pure poetry. Erris is a land of turf smoke, good strong tea, Guinness, Whiskey, both legal and illegal, soda bread, warm hospitality and a great welcome for strangers lucky enough to visit what used to be known as the back of beyond.

The back of beyond it is no more, Knock has an international airport and even Belmullet has a death defying airstrip for bold pilots.

The main highway has improved thanks to the European Union and there is even a fine golf links and a luxury hotel in Belmullet. But most of all, Erris is the sum of its people.

Long may they thrive...

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