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(A short story of 2769 words)

Hugh McPearson and the Vanishing Bread


by Steve Way

In his second adventure Hugh McPearson seeks to find out why all the bread is disappearing from Mr Jones' bread shop overnight! Master of disguise he may have to take on the appearance of some form of confectionery... (Book 2 in the Hugh McPearson series).

Hello reader. I guess you’ve never heard of a Ten of Spades Detective before. You’ve probably only heard of Ace Detectives. I call myself a Ten of Spades Detective because I take on the jobs the Ace Detectives leave behind… or can’t be bothered with. I can understand why. The jobs I’ve had have led me into a few unusual situations. Let me tell you about one of them.

Wednesday 9.43 a.m.

I was sitting at my desk minding my own business, when the phone rang. At least I thought it was my business I was minding, it was certainly somebody’s. I answered the phone.

“Hello,” said the telephone.“I am Mr Jones, the baker. I’m calling because my loaves keep vanishing overnight. I spend all evening baking them, put them in my shop overnight and in the morning they’re gone. I need your help.”

I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t even had the chance to speak yet and I could use my favourite catch phrase straight away! “It’s all right Mr Jones… I’ll be over in fifteen minutes and an ostrich straight away!” I declared proudly.

“Ah, yes!” replied Mr Jones. “I’ve heard about your catch phrase… I hope you’re better at catching criminals than your catch phrase is at being catchy.”

I couldn’t quite understand Mr Jones’ harsh criticism of my catch phrase for despite holding the phone with one wing I was already preparing for the ‘being over in fifteen minutes’ component of my catch phrase by dusting down my notebook and jauntily donning my favourite hat with my other wing. As ever the ‘being an ostrich straight away’ portion of my catch phrase had been catered for the instant I had uttered it.

“I’m on my way…” I said.

“Now that…” said the telephone in Mr Jones’ voice as I put down the receiver and dashed across town...

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