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(A short story of 1249 words)


Crime and Thrillers Fantasy

by Cherry Potts

Jael tells what really happened when her husband Heber's old mate Sisera dropped in. Not quite what you read in the Song of Deborah.

Well, what was I meant to do? Heber was off watering the goats, wasn't he? There I was struggling to get the damn tent up and trying not to knock over the jars of milk, me having milked the wretched goats before Heber sauntered off to the river. Anyway, there I was, with this tent almost up, when who comes by but Heber's old drinking pal, Sisera.

Now we don't exactly get many visitors, not since Heber got so cantankerous and decided we could manage better on our own, away from the rest of the Kenites. He never was all that hot on family, a bit of a loner, except when it came to chatting up strangers at markets. You should see some of the shifters and losers he brings home with him, claiming them as life-long buddies. There's definitely something not quite the shekel with my husband, but there you go...

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