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(short story of 3244 words)

Morning Tea


by Rebekah Clarkson

A woman and her young daughter are invited for morning tea at a the home of her ex-husband and his new wife. A story about the distance between how people want things to be and how they really are.

"The four of us sit under Sally’s pergola having morning tea—an attempt to be civilized and mature. There is a slight chill in the air but a stream of sunlight weaves through a tangle of aged wisteria and knotted grapevines above us, warming our heads and chests. And as if orchestrated by Sally herself, birds flit and sing.
But morning tea is a bad idea. It is Sally’s idea and they are her words: civilised and mature."


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A smart and insightful short story about the flux of human relationships; about how those we were close to can come to seem like strangers, and the small victories and defeats that follow when circumstances dictate that we’re unable to cut them loose.

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