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(A short story of 1712 words)

Personal Calls

Humour Literary

by Brindley Hallam Dennis

A mobile phone in the wrong hands, can lead to who knows what messages in the wrong ears...

When Jerry arrived home alone everyone assumed they’d had a row.

Where’s Phil?

He decided to stay on for a day or two, Jerry said.

Nobody who knew Phil was going to take that at face value, least of all Steph. For a start, there was the money. Phil was very good about money. Steph wouldn’t have had it any other way. They were living on half the national average wage, and living better than most. That required discipline, planning. Spontaneity was out of the question. Another couple of days was another hundred quid, and Phil hadn’t budgeted for another hundred quid, as far as Steph knew. It wasn’t like Phil to make high handed decisions without a discussion first, without an agreement...

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