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(A short story of 1608 words)

Platform Souls

Crime and Thrillers Literary

by Colette Coen

A woman waits for her friend on a station concourse even though she knows she will never arrive. Winner of the 2012 Waterstones' Crime in the City Competition

The four faces of the old Central Station clock seemed to be suspended in time as well as from the roof; the dark hands stuck agonisingly a few minutes short of eight.
‘You got the time?’

Laura turned and looked at the guy standing in front of her.

‘You’re standing under a clock,’ she said, not even trying to mask the disdain in her voice. ‘Look up.’

‘That’s no whit am asking, hen,’ he said. He reached out to touch her arm but his aim was off and he staggered slightly before regaining his balance. A couple of drinks after work turned into a bender, she knew that story.

‘You got the time?’ He raised his eyebrows, gave her a sleekit grin. Two girls beside her laughed. It was alright for them, safety in numbers, not vulnerable like her. ‘Piss off,’ Laura said. Then she turned to the other girls and laughed too. That always got them. He slinked away, just another tosser in a suit that didn’t fit any more...

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A review of Platform Souls from the CUT team....

A sense of threat and vulnerability pervades this sinister and inventive short tale from the very off. A woman waits alone at night at a train station, while passengers come and go and drunks try to strike up a conversation, yet the dark truth of this disarmingly simple set-up is yet to be revealed.

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