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(A short story of 2633 words)

Pram Pusher

Young Adult

by Yasmin Keyani

18 year old Jemima is still grieving over the death of her mother and unborn sibling two years before and still arguing with her father about her dreams of moving away from home and going to university. We walk with her and best friend Monica as they walk to work and find an empty pram. This triggers a lot of upset in Jem and we hear about what really happened to her mother.

The town is creeping forward and we can see people arriving for the morning shift. A school bus comes by and kids from my old school have pushed themselves up against the windows the same way we used to do – waving, shouting, making silly faces. I’m only eighteen, but school seems a different world now and I wonder how long it will be before I completely forget all about that world and my nascent academic plans are crushed. It’s nearly two years since my carefully packaged dreams were placed into a permanent limbo. I count the hours, I mark the days, the earth spins, my hair grows, everything is moving, but in my world nothing important ever changes. It’s not normal. I’m still waiting for normal to return.

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