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(A short story of 1116 words)

Snails A La Mexicana


by Rosie Cullen

Consuela exacts a unique revenge on her philandering husband Arturo - inspired by a true story!

Consuela stirred the onions, they were turning perfectly translucent in the pan and releasing an aroma which had always given her pleasure. Consuela added freshly chopped garlic, chillies and herbs. Then the ripe and juicy tomatoes which she had grown in her own small yard. Gradually pouring the stock into the mix she sighed deeply in anticipation. The creatures must be cooked slowly, very slowly until drowsy – not too hot or fast, that was the trick.

Tonight of all nights he must not be late.

The door banged open behind her and Arturo staggered through into the bright and orderly kitchen. Consuela had timed the meal perfectly. Her husband had spent just so much time in Fernando’s Bar after his shift working on the railroad. She could envisage him, rolling his foolish eyes at Mariequita behind the counter and laughing at his own jokes and innuendos. And then his hunger had brought him home for his supper as she knew it would, as it always did. He inhaled deeply of the garlic sauce and Consuela knew that his taste buds would be aroused, his appetite ravenous...

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