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(A short story of 2691 words)

Something Missing

Fantasy - Sci-fi Fantasy

by Clare Chandler

How can Maya survive in a world where humans are on the verge of extinction and chumps – genetically-modified chimps – keep people to do their dirty work?

With a quivering intake of breath, Leopold touched the introduction button and the feelizone wrapped around him. She was just as promised, and within minutes he was satisfied. Her name was Victoria and she was cute and sassy so he stayed in the zone for a chat and promised to meet up again soon. When he pushed the dome up, though, he realised that he’d forgotten the ejaculator cap again and the screen was covered in his mess. He groaned: humans didn’t like that sort of thing and Maya, his new human, was particularly fastidious.

She sponged the screen with disinfectant, sighing loudly. ‘Do you have to do this all the time?’

‘Why shouldn’t I?’ Then he smiled. ‘I think you’re a little bit jealous. I think you’d like me to do it with you.’

‘In your dreams.’ She dropped the sponge into the recycle chute and took off her rubber gloves.

‘Cos I’m a chump?’

‘Cos you’re a slob. And, yes, because you’re a chump.’

‘Cos you’re too good for me?’

‘Cos it’s unnatural, that’s why.’

‘What’s natural? Anyway, we’ve got the same DNA.’

‘With important exceptions.’ She gathered up the cups that he’d left lying around the room. ‘To be honest, you’re just not my type.’

‘What’s your type then? A bald-arse, I bet. A hairy-faced short-armed human?’...

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