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(A short story of 1505 words)

The Cover Story

Fantasy - Sci-fi Fantasy

by Brindley Hallam Dennis

Apparently, this story was going to be 'disqualified with merit' from an Earlyworks Press competition...but that was too they gave it Second Prize! It's on of the stories in Talking To Owls (Pewter Rose Press) and you can hear it read on Vimeo.

Two men in badly fitting suits came into the bar and walked over to my table. They said, are you the writer?

I said, I’m a writer.

They said, you wrote a story called The Cover Story?

I said, that’s right.

They said, that’s a strange story.

I said, it’s science fiction.

Is that a fact? the big one said.

I said, I wrote it for a competition.

Now where did you get an idea like that from? the little one asked.

I said, where do any ideas come from? And he looked at the big one.

Where indeed, the big one said, and they both looked at me...

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