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(A short story of 1402 words)

The Man Who Met Himself


by Roland Glover

A man has an encounter with his doppleganger and sees himself in a different light. Their meeting has a knock on effect for not only him but his wife too. His wife begins to warm to this stranger to devestating effect.

Jason hauled the trolley case from the pavement into the boot of the car.

“I’m looking forward to getting home and into my own bed.”

Carly’s voice startled Jason from his exhausted trance.

“Too right” he mumbled, too tired to animate his mouth. “I’m not looking forward to the drive though.”

“I’ll take over after…” Jason looked up, sensing Carly’s disquiet.

A man stood not 100 yards from the car on the opposite pavement. Jason stumbled backwards readying himself to run. He backed into the wall of the hotel behind him, hands either side of him, spread flat against the stone, searching for solidity, certainty, normality.

Every detail of this man’s face, his hair, his vintage Belstaff Jacket, his skinny chinos, his body shape, were all familiar to him, frighteningly familiar. Like looking in a mirror or seeing yourself unexpectedly on TV. Jason was looking into his own face. He was seeing himself. But this was no mirror; this was a real, solid double...


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