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(A short story of 2242 words)

The Mightiest Man In The World

Fantasy - Sci-fi Fantasy

by Christian Green

He was the ultimate superhero, but the age of heroes had dwindled away and it was time to learn the truth from a ghost of the past.

In his Antarctic Citadel of Justice, surrounded by the artefacts and mementoes of an astounding career, The Mightiest Man In The World sat upon a throne of glacier ice and toyed with the hem of his scarlet cape.

As he gazed absently around the vast chamber hewn by hand from the solid rock of the Vinson Massif, his eyes alighted upon the quarter mile wide alcove of granite shelves bearing the keepsakes of his wondrous life. Dr. Malevolent’s death ray; the meteor plucked from the sky just before it could demolish a major city; the busts of his most persistent foes moulded in the gold he had extracted from seawater; countless medals and awards…The mind that retained all knowledge became lost in reminiscence.

He had first come to the public’s attention in 1956 when an Antarctic geological survey team discovered him locked in suspended animation deep within the Beardmore Glacier. Thawed out and found to be clad in a form fitting red, white and blue costume of unknown origin and impervious material, he had awoken with no recollection of his past, and yet his vastly powerful mind had soon absorbed every detail of the world into which he had, effectively, just been born...

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