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(A short story of 1083 words)

Yes, we have no bananas.

Humour Literary

by Barbara Hawthorne

A wartime evacuee's story

“Stick ‘em up”. Diane wanted a banana. Her brother wanted a sister. Her dad wanted a boy. Her mum wanted eight candles. Then war broke out. Diane buckled the holster around her waist and cocked the gun, like she had seen in the Westerns. She examined the reel of caps and put the silver sheriff’s star on her chest. ‘You won’t blow them all out.’ Diane rattled the handcuffs. Her brother would make a good prisoner.

One day the radio played, The National Anthem. Their father told them to stand up. War had been declared. Somebody had waved a piece of paper to say so. Diane thought this might be an opportunity to use her gun. But nothing happened...


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