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(A short story of 2168 words)



by Angela Huskisson

Twelve workers trapped underground working on a momentous project. But 'God' has other ideas.

In the beginning was the word and the word was...

We heard it before we saw anything, a scraping of stone upon stone before the blackness arrived suddenly and heavily and with a terrible thud.
In the beginning was the word. And the word was...

God was in his office. We used to call him ‘God’ because he was all knowing, all seeing. He was Godfrey Rodgers and a right prat to boot. He was ‘Management’ in a jacket and one of those ‘new boys’ whom modern politicians adore. He was King of his castle alright.

‘I’ll turn the lights out on you lot,’ he used to say and we’d urge him to do just that, we liked to see just how far we could push him. And, on that particular day, that’s just what he did, Mr ‘oh so high and mighty’ had the last laugh. So when he did cut the power it actually looked like he might have had some of his own after all. He switched off all the lights and took everything he could carry with him. He even moved the huge stone bench and locked it in place so that no-one could contemplate escape and then he left us underground to perish. He could be such an ignoramus when he put his mind to it. So there we were, twelve of us in total, seven men, three women, two children, all of us left in utter darkness; deep beneath the earth and waiting. At first we didn’t take it seriously, he’d often turned the lights off for ‘a joke’, but this time it was different...

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