Jonathan Macho

Jonathan Macho

A young Cardiffian lad who wanted to be an 'Author' long before he could pronounce the word correctly, my overactive imagination has been keeping reality at a comfortable distance for years now. I've been published in a charity collection of short stories by PageTurners India, have had my work shown in the Abacus space in Cardiff by the wonderful Modern Alchemists, and worked for a few years in the Sherman Theatre's Young Writers Group. I'm also penning a zombie novel in my spare time, am the resident skit-writer for Cardiff University's Sinatra society, and love taking high abstract concepts and slamming them into the mundane at high speeds. If you fancy reading about the fantastic, wondrous, horrifying or frankly mental, and don't mind having a laugh at the same time, give my work a looksee. You know. If you want.


Jonathan Macho in 60 seconds

When did you start writing?

1997 In infant school in Cardiff

What do you love about short stories?

I love short stories because you can fit wonderful concepts into tight spaces, without any padding or explanations required.

Do you write in other forms?

Plays, Novels, Comic Scripts

What distracts you from writing?

University, Reading, Movies, Gaming and Friends

Outside of writing, what are your other passions?

Reading, Movies, Gaming and Friends

What is your favourite book?

Catch 22

Who are your favourite writers?

Kim Newman, Derek Landy and Warren Ellis

Where is your dream location?


What one item would you put into Room 101?

Lad Culture

Do you have any advice for new writers?

Write what you love, and keep looking for opportunities to share it.

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