Lillian Aldus

Lillian Aldus

Lillian Aldus has worked as a teacher, private tutor and a proofreader. She has one daughter and lives with her partner in Hull, East Yorkshire. Lillian is currently researching 19th century migration through Hull for a novel as well as working on a collection of short stories.


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When did you start writing?


What do you love about Short Stories?

They give small glimpses into big issues, other lives and different possibilities.

Do you write in other forms?

Novels and poems.

What distracts you from writing?

Family, daydreaming and paying the bills.

Outside of writing, what are your other passions?

Family, reading, history, food, film, gardening and travel.

What is your favourite book?

'Cloud Atlas' by David Mitchell because it has so many stories within it.

Who are your favourite writers?

Carol Shields, Toni Morrison and Charles Dickens

Where is your dream location?

A walled garden with lots of roses.

What one item would you put into Room 101?

TV presenters who inflect their speech in strange ways.

Do you have any advice for new writers?

When you get an idea, or a phrase or a sentence - write it down somewhere before you forget it!

Work by Lillian Aldus:

Lillian Aldus
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A young couple are taken on a life-changing journey. A story based on real events. "Captain Parker took us aboard his ship in 1847. That winter, the Caribou did not arrive and the seals had come late. Many of our people had eaten their dogs and twenty had died of starvation. When Captain Parker gave up his store of whale fins and flippers there was much fighting, but our elders made sure all had their share. The captain and the ship’s doctor had learned Inuktitut and conversed with the elders of our tribe. When he spoke of taking some of us to show to his people, my father offered me and I was accepted by the captain as I was young and healthy. He promised my father that he would tell his people of the plight of our tribe. He said we would bring back many riches and the goodwill of great people. They would send men to build settlements and we would be helped by them, just as the Inuits of the East were helped by the Danes. The captain wanted to take a female too, and after inspecting some of our younger girls he chose Uckaluk. He said it would be proper for us to be married before the journey. The weather was becoming unfavourable for setting out to sea, he had to hasten the start of the voyage, so we began our life as man and wife without the blessings and customs of our people. Captain Parker performed his own marriage ceremony on board the ship. Home was far away only minutes after the Truelove set sail for the land called England. The sea was wide and long..."
The Swan
Lillian Aldus
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A young woman tries to escape her stifling and superstitious community. "Emily hadn’t wanted to come to the memorial service, but Ma Kearney had insisted. It wasn’t easy to refuse, after all William had been her only son. ‘Six daughters before my lad was born but I never really knew what it was to be a mother until I held him in my arms.’ This had always been her introduction to any discussion about William Henry Kearney. There was certainly no great love lost between Ma and her daughters. Emily’s sisters-in-law were respectful enough toward their mother, and one or other of them could always be counted on to do their familial duty in times of need, but the relationships between mother and daughters were cold, they acted at best like polite acquaintances. William Henry senior had died soon after William was born and if Ma ever missed him, she kept it to herself. Courting Will had been a long process. Molly Kearney had a reputation for scaring off any prospective brides she found unsuitable, which was any girl her son had showed an interest in before he met Emily. Rumour had it that more than one poor girl had been chased out of the house by Ma brandishing a broom, and occasionally using it with some force, for simply talking too much, or smiling at or laughing along with him. Even girls who were friends of her daughters were not tolerated often within Ma’s walls. She maintained that there were enough people in the family that any other company was not needed..."

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