Ray Lawrence

Ray Lawrence

I am a retired Chartered Secretary, born and educated in London and Essex and now living with my wife, Kath, in Sheffield. I worked for most of my business life for a German Multi-National Engineering Group with its offices in London and retired early to take up my passion for writing.
I am now best known for my plays, sketches, and comic verse and monologues which I publish through Lazybeescripts.com. I have travelled widely, on business and privately.


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When did you start writing?

1950 London and Essex

What do you love about short stories?

Everyone has a story - short stories can be a snapshot of events which shape a person's life. I particularly like humorous anecdotes turned into short stories.

Do you write in other forms?

Plays, sketches, comic monologues and verse for performance

What distracts you from writing?


Outside of writing, what are your other passions?

Family, travel, reading, theatre, sculpting papier mache models...

What is your favourite book?

Earth Abides by George Stewart

Who are your favourite writers?

Charles Dickens, Ruth Rendell and P.G.Wodehouse

Where is your dream location?


What one item would you put into Room 101?


Do you have any advice for new writers?

Be tenacious, single-minded and not deterred by rejection.

Work by Ray Lawrence:

Danny's Dancing Legs
Ray Lawrence
£1.99 Added
Danny P. Grunch had no sense of rhythm and about as much melodic movement in his body as a school of barnacles stuck to the bottom of an upturned boat. He thought he could dance - he couldn't - until he went to Africa and met a Witch Doctor...
Dummies Don't Talk
Ray Lawrence
£1.99 Added
Lenny Waterman thought he could throw his voice. He couldn't - as a Ventriloquist he would have given Archie Andrews palpitations - and then he met with a mysterious old Romany lady who gave him a gift that would change his life forever...
One Of My Passengers Is Missing
Ray Lawrence
£1.29 Added
Benny Green is worried - passengers are vanishing from his taxi cab and the Police are getting interested. Where are they vanishing to? Benny is desperate to find out...

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