Akeem Balogun

Akeem Balogun

Akeem Balogun is a writer living in Sheffield, UK. His fiction has appeared in Notes from the Underground, Now Then Magazine and elsewhere. He has been shortlisted for the Writers' Forum short story prize and was a showcase author for The Literary Consultancy. His own writing can be read on writtengallery.com, and you can follow him on social media @AkeemWrites.


Akeem Balogun in 60 seconds

When did you start writing?

2011 in Sheffield, UK.

What do you love about short stories?

Their length, and I find they allow room for more creativity than longer forms of fiction.

Do you write in other forms?

I write longer stories, reviews, poems and about whatever interests me.

What distracts you from writing?

Food, my phone, the internet, other tasks and people.

Outside of writing, what are your other passions?

Films, food, music and video games.

What is your favourite book?


Who are your favourite writers?

Tibor Fischer, Bram Stoker and Richard Ford.

Where is your dream location?

Jyurakudai Villa in Soulcalibur III.

What one item would you put into Room 101?


Do you have any advice for new writers?

Do what you really want to do with your life, no matter how unusual it is, even if it isn't writing.

Work by Akeem Balogun:

Stop, Look and Listen
Akeem Balogun
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Stop, Look and Listen is a short collection of flash fiction pieces. It features Escape, a story about a son who wants to keep his parents together for the sake of his father, Mannequin, a creepy tale about a husband and his wife's disappearance, as well as the titular story Stop, Look and Listen, an exploration of life through instructions. The collection also includes other pieces by Akeem Balogun that have appeared in various publications throughout his writing career. Stop, Look and Listen is an enjoyable read that will appeal to all fans of the short story form as well as to any reader who is entertained by writing that is precise, fun and thought-provoking.

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